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Sections Awards Membership Drum Corps
Sections Awards Membership Drum Corps Programme

The 1st Slough Company has had a long tradition of music having in the past had both brass and bugle bands, and in more recent times, a drum corps and percussion band. 
The brass band was formed in 1938 under the direction of Fred Ketch who wrote the BB Bugle Band Handbook which is still available today. Under his
expert guidance, the brass band developed in numbers and musical ability and reached

Band practices are held on Friday evenings at 8.15pm towards the end of the Company and Senior Evening.
See practice dates below:

its zenith in 1952, winning the London District Brass Band Shield (just seven years after the band was formed). In 1951, the company bugle band also won the London  District Devonshire Cup. Since the mid 1970’s, the band has principally been a drum corps with bell lyres  and other percussion.

Further information on the earlier phases in the life of the 1st Slough Company bands can be found in our 1983 History page. Currently, all our boys in the band are under the direction of Bandmaster Chris Christie and Captain Ralph Chaplin.

Age Group

The Drum Corps is for boys aged 9 years of age and over.
Boys can start out with beginner classes in Juniors.

Our Drum Corps


Another very positive and rewarding aspect of the work with Drum Corps over the past few years has been our involvement with the London District Massed Bugle Band. A number boys in the Drum Corps have taken part in the events of Big Band including playing in the Lord Mayors Show Parades, at the London Marathon, at the Family Festival in Hyde Park that formed part of the 2012 Queens Jubilee celebrations and many others.

Click here If you would like to know more about the London Massed Bugle Band

Drum Corps Outings

Members of the 1st Slough Drum Corps attended The London Band Competition 2016 and took part in the competitions. The test pieces that were performed included the Individual drummers - ‘Drum solo No.3’, the Team Drumming Competitions ‘Drums up Front’ and the Individual Bells Competition - ‘Swanee River’

Results can be found on the events page. For a video of the competition is to the left.

Boys who may wish to join, must be a boy in the 1st Slough Boys’ Brigade. We are always pleased to have more band members, although spaces may be limited. For more information.

Parents/ Boys should contact the Company Captain, Ralph Chaplin

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Band Activities

Resources Link

 Graded Sequence  No.1 & No.2

Royal Marine’s Style

 Drum Solos Grenadiers & Grampian Hills

Notation and Counting for basic 6/8 time bars 

Drum Solos No.1 & No.2 & No.3

Drum Drill Notation and  Counting for basic 2/4 time bars 

Royal Marine’s 2/4 time Stick Drill Routine

Royal Marine’s 6/8 time Stick Drill Routine

Parts of the Snare Drum

Novice Drum Instructors Guide (First published 2012)

This Guide has been written for the use of those who lack experience in playing or teaching percussion for bugle bands and drum corps, but have a desperate need to do so.  If followed, the basic principles and methods explained will enable the reader to teach average students to play a snare drum to an acceptable level and above average students to a high level.



Suitable for issue to students aged 9 years and older. Covers all the basics including stick grips, strokes, rudiments and practice instructions needed to gain the Grade One Music Credit in Snare Drumming